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“LE PATRON” of the FRANKfurtstyleaward


the countdown to the grand finale in the Alte Oper Frankfurt has started and preparations are in full swing.  The designs of the Top 60 finalists have arrived from across the world and are awaiting their great reveal at the FRANKfurtstyleaward Gala in the Alte Oper Frankfurt on 23. September 2016. The finalists have already won the opportunity to be part of the glamorous gala by reaching the TOP 60.
Now they are all in the running for eleven valuable prizes, such as "Once-in-a-Lifetime Fashion Trips" to Shanghai, Paris and Frankfurt, scholarships for the renowned Haute Future Fashion Academy in Milan as well as internships with international fashion labels, such as Anja Gockel and Raise Trend China.

Finally, excitement will peak when  „LE PATRON“ François Girbaud  personally awards the three category winners, the Public Choice Award and the Outstanding Talent with FRANK – THE TROPHY 2016.





Since meeting in 1967, and their invention, in 1968, of the industrialisation of the washing process to artificially age denim, rebels and out-of-the-box thinkers, Marithé Bachellerie and François Girbaud have been at the forefront of innovation in their experimentation and development of materials, treatments, techniques and shapes, creating a global brand that transcends time.

From stone-washing to engraving with light, they have transformed and revolutionized the world of jeans and radicalized its traditional silhouettes, constructions and codes. Appropriating high-performance sports fabrics and avant-garde technology such as laser-blading and ultrasound, they created a new generation of modern tailoring; comfortable, versatile and easy to take care of, it has influenced the market for over 20 years.

Since 1989, they have focused their research on ecologically and ethically conscious techniques, perfecting the use of lasers and ozone to treat denim and removing hazardous chemicals and processes. Their eco-friendly Wattwash™ method, named after the unit of measurement for energy and heat, creates a targeted, faded effect on denim, allowing a multitude of different patterns and textures to be designed. Importantly, this technology uses 97.5% less water than traditional methods and is far better for the environment, as well as the health of the 2 million factory workers around the world who are involved in denim production.

In November 2015, Marithé Bachellerie and François Girbaud returned under the guise of "MAD LANE" (Madeleine), with a more personal direct-to-consumer approach, taking to the road to bring the brand to their legions of fans, who are invited, by appointment, to private sales events in selected cities. In September 2016, they embark on their second tour, with an even more extensive list of dates.

François Girbaud is currently based in Los Angeles, where he continues to reinvent denim through a variety of different collaborations. Applying the innovations and principles of Wattwash™ at an industrial level, he endeavours to advance the cause of sustainability within the wider fashion industry. In his mission to create a better tomorrow, he is also wants to create a gateway to the future for the younger generations, who, with this technology, will be able to use their creativity to endlessly transform the appearance of the fabric.