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IDN is a very high-traffic portal for the creative lifestyle business that receives thousands of clicks each day; most of our visitors are looking to hire a designer or company to do work for them.
Besides this C to C platform, IDN wants to connect the creative world and help people to get informed about their business via news, event schedules, job opportunities and new links to attract your interest.


D-Flect with Anina on June 28.6.2016

The D-Flect is an informal forum at HPI for creative exchange within the Design Thinking community and beyond. At this event, outstanding innovators from the most diverse fields are invited to the HPI D-School to share their knowledge and, most of all, their enthusiasm. The next D-Flect will take place on Tuesday, June 28, 2016. HPI is happy to welcome Anina Net, model...

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Fashion and Technology, the future started already

Anina is the founder of the 360Fashion Network with a background as an international top model and technology innovator.  She is dedicated to building a bridge between Fashion & Technology and a promoter of women in technology. Anina has over 10 years experience working with fortune 500 companies to apply their technologies to the fashion industry. Intel, IBM, Microsoft,...

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Facts about - RFACTORY -

WHO IS RFACTORY FUN and DECENT is the core concept of Rfactory, founded in 2011,we create a world full of adventurous artistic creation and imagination. You will find our work will tease you by color,or material ,or other things. We abandon the illusory fashion. Rfactory advocates you to be yourself and proud of being yourself with unique style, and eventually become a...

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