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Amui, a Pioneer in the circular textile sector


Company Profile – Amui

Founded in 2016, Amui is a pioneer in the circular economy of the textile sector.

During the last READY TO SHOW Meeting in Mailand in July 23, International Designers Network organized a Round Table discusssion and a presentation of the new Jeans Go Green project which you can find in our showroom  VIDEO DEPARTMENT

More information about Denis Hueter, the CIO, and his company in the following presentation.

Denis Hueter: Since our founding in 2016, we have specialized our work in sustainable collections and high-quality upcycling of textiles.

Our heart beats for the environment and our mission is to extend the life of textile products, conserve resources and make the fashion industry more sustainable. Our core competencies include:

Collection of textiles:

We have built a network to collect used clothing, jeans and workwear. By reusing textiles, we reduce waste and minimize the environmental footprint. 2. Upcycling: Our experts give new life to old textiles. We use innovative technologies and creativity to create high-quality products that meet today's demands for style and quality.

Digitization and IoT Smart Container:

We pride ourselves on integrating the latest digital technologies into our processes. Our IoT Smart Containers are the culmination of our efforts. These smart containers are equipped with sensors that monitor the condition of the collected textiles.

This allows us to collect real-time data on fill levels, temperature and humidity. This allows us to collect and store even more efficiently.

Project "Jeans go Green, collect, recycle and bring new items to market":

An outstanding example of our work is our "Jeans go Green" project, in which we collect and recycle jeans and bring them back to the market in the premium segment. In doing so, we pursue the goal of not only creating fashion, but also making a positive contribution to the environment. Our products are more than just garments or workwear - they are a statement of sustainability and quality.

At Amui, we are proud to help shape the future of the textile industry by combining responsible business practices, stylish design and innovative technologies. Our vision is a world where circular economy becomes the norm, and we invite you to join us on this journey. *Amui - For a shared sustainable future in textiles, driven by innovation and technology.

Denis Hüter | CEO  | +49 173 5369409

Amui U.G. Nachhaltigkeit in jeder Faser by AMUI , Maarstrasse 96, 53227 Bonn, Germany  ;