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The International Designers Network (IDN) has been founded by Claudia Carillon together with Lucia Carpio and Olivia Hui more than 25 years ago as an association promoting designers in order to prove their professionalism and the importance of communication within the industry. IDN was launched with a FREE database to provide designers, designer groups and associations the opportunity to be in direct contact with manufacturers from around the world in order to assure a world wide connection. “Design talent should have no boundaries” said Jimmie Lewis former OBE, IAF Director, “and this is a great opportunity for manufacturers and the world of fashion generally to maximise the use of creativity skills wherever they exist. It is a logical extension of the work we have already done to help promote designers."

We all have to recognise that many designers lack the financial resources to present their talents globally and the manufacturers find it difficult to identify the best designers for their products. They well know that creations must accord with local preferences and cultural habits, and therefore finding designers familiar with these factors can greatly assist opening new markets.

The International Designers Network data base categorizes the specialities and strengths of designers as well as offering information about global and local events, assistance on practical problems like presentation or design protection in the different countries.

After more than 25 years IDN has decided to actualize the website which will now include a magazine with professional news specially dedicated to the designers and their industries, a forum for global contacts.

In the last years tremendous changes have happened and it will be important to adapt to them. First of all is the fact that ENVIRONMENT AND CLEAN MANUFACTURING will be the basic for all business. That's why INTERNATIONAL DESIGNERS NETWORK GOES GREEN too.

IDN is also linked to www.m, and with own pages on Facebook and LinkedIn under International Designers Network.

In the database are accepted for free registration: all designers working in the fashion field, including the garment and textile industry, the interior design, the lifestyle, the beauty sector and the shop decoration and packaging as well as schools, universities, associations, museums and organizations dedicated to the fashion and creative business.