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FASHION DESIGNERS CAN CODE - The fashion and tech world just got a lot smarter and brighter!


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360Fash Tech Kits make it easy for fashion designers tocreate smart clothing and accessories without the need to code or solder. Showcased at the Intel Developer Forum is the “Motion Dress” created by the brand, RFactory. The dress is powered by Intel Curie using the motion sensor and uses the Quark processor and Inertia Measurement Unit to manage the LED Ribbon pattern.

RFactory, a Chinese designer brand has create a black and white ball gown using 360Fash Tech Kit “Motion Lights” which uses flexible LED ribbons that light up in a lightening strikes pattern according to the movement of the wearer. 

“Integrating motion lighting into our dress gave us new possibilities to service our clients, with existing experience and fun. Fashion tech is the future and the 360Fash Tech Kit makes is possible for us to experiment.” –CEO RFactory,Ocean.

“We want to make it easy for fashion designers to concentrate on what they are good at - integration and design - for their first steps into wearable technology and smart clothing.”Says Anina Net.

The 360Fash Tech team plans to launch eleven kits in 2016, along with online tutorials, workshops, and special materials included in the kits specific for the fashion industry such as illuminated fabric, paper thin LED’s, and the LED Ribbon. The kits use the Intel Edison and Curie processor, and are available for pre-sale on


About 360Fash Tech Kits

The 360Fash Tech Kit was created to enable fashion designers to create smart garments and accessories without the need to code or solder. Choose one of our smart fashion kits to start your journey into intelligent clothing. Each kit is an out-of-the-box solution with a drag-and-drop tool to be able to make changes without having to touch a single line of code and plug-and-play connectors so there is no soldering required. This way fashion designers can focus on integration and design as their first step into the future.


Author: Anina Net

Organization: 360Fashion Network

Photos by Hanep Creative Studio (

Dress by RFactory powered by 360Fash Tech "Motion" Kit ( /