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Anina is the founder of the 360Fashion Network with a background as an international top model and technology innovator. 

She is dedicated to building a bridge between Fashion & Technology and a promoter of women in technology. Anina has over 10 years experience working with fortune 500 companies to apply their technologies to the fashion industry. Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia are only a few of the companies she has cooperated with closely.

Her expertise lies in her deep understanding of the fashion industry and her vision for the future technological lifestyle. With a family of computer engineers, Anina made a left at the Paris catwalks to become a global fashion model.

Moving from a successful modeling career into opening her own company, Anina has built demonstrations of Virtual Reality shopping, Augmented Reality Interactive Retail, and Mobile Applications with top fashion brands such as Vero Moda, Eley Kishimoto, as well as boutique fashion brands.

Working together with the China National Garment Association over the last five years, Anina has successfully executive produced large scale Expo's, round table discussions, and fashion tech runway shows focused on innovation, wearable technology, 3D printing, and IOT as applied to a fashionable lifestyle. Anina has concepted and project managed the creation of a Robotic Dress, Motion Dress, Laser Clothing, and concept jewelry pieces using Misfit Shines.

Anina's latest product creation are the 360Fash Tech Kits - IOT maker kits for fashion brands which are plug-and-play, requiring no coding or soldering to create sophisticated smart garments and accessories.

Anina spends half her time in China and half in the San Francisco managing her two companies and growing subsidiaries. She continuously consults for technology and fashion brands, helping them create successful demos and products. People say Anina is on the "bleeding edge" of fashion technology.

IDN in China for the German Fashion Film Award on behalf of the German Ministry for Industries and Technologies 2010, Berlin